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The TS-7800 series of single board computers provides 3 times the performance of the TS-7200 series with the same footprint, using a Marvell 500MHz ARM9 SoC.

From ARM9 TS-7800 Xenomai support

The link you quote provides only very vague information like "using a Marvell 500MHz ARM9 SoC" (which can be anything) or "use a recent Linux kernel 2.6" (which means they are plain OLD - recent means v3.4 or later). This may be sufficient for marketing material, but not for answering technical questions.

I found TS-7800 User's Manual. But, I can't find something related to SoC there.

How do I find out the exact SoC this ARM board uses?

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This is a bit of an old question, but I thought perhaps I could provide some more detailed answers.

The product documentation is currently found here: http://wiki.embeddedarm.com/wiki/TS-7800

The exact Marvell processor manual is linked on the above wiki, check the right hand side of the page just under the photograph of the SBC.

Unfortunately I lack the reputation to post multiple links, so the above main wiki page link will have to suffice.

You can also email Technologic Systems directly via support@embeddedarm.com, or call them via the telephone number on their web site and just ask for "support". They are live human people.


The Technologic Systems website you linked-to says here that :-

The TS-7800 is a RoHS compliant Single Board Computer (SBC) based on a Marvell MV88F5182 500MHz ARM9 CPU

Although this processor doesn't seem to be mentioned on Marvell's website (obsolete, perhaps?), Technologic have a PDF manual here (dated 2008) which described the device as a "Feroceon Storage Networking SoC".

The manual isn't a "newbie" guide for non electronic engineers, but as a software developer, you should find it a useful resource.


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