I need a component which is small and light-weight, but which can emit a loud sound. I don't care what sound it makes - only that it be loud enough to hear outside from 20+ ft away.

Unfortunately, my brief searches didn't come up with anything, and I'm assuming this is because I don't even know what the name of the component I'm looking for is. (It's not "speaker", or "siren", I suspect).


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Try "Piezoelectric sounder" or "Piezoelectric beeper" or "Piezoelectric buzzer"

Here is a Manual from Murata who are masters of such things. A wealth of information.

These can be very small and also can be very loud. Good attention grabbing can be obtained with a warble or gliding tone. For a one time application you can get many items with these in them. Often eminently hackable.

You can get sounders only or units with electronics built in.
Often available as part of a personal security system so you get sounder + electronics + battery + switch.

I could point you to specifics BUT better is to show you the general idea and let you have a look at what's available. Then you can ask locally or ask us for more input as required.

Here is a Gargoyle image search which will give you visual leads to pages of relevance. Much better than a text search.

Example of what's available.

enter image description here

Ask if more information required.

All done for you

enter image description here

Many such here

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Russell is right, you want a piezo buzzer. Digikey lists about 50 devices that produce 100 to 110 dB (I skipped the more than 110). Like this one:

enter image description here

This one has a built-in oscillator and only requires a 12V DC power supply. If you want it thinner you can go for the piezo element itself:

enter image description here

These are only half a mm thick, but you'll have to add a few components to make an oscillator. The sound pressure depends on the mounting. Best way is to glue on a not too stiff panel that can act as a soundboard.

Further reading
Murata Piezoelectric Sound Components: more complete version of the catalog Russell linked to.

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  • \$\begingroup\$ @m.Alin - No, not the package. piezo elements come in packages too. It's the operating voltage. If it says DC it has a built-in oscillator. \$\endgroup\$
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