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I want help in making a automatic cut-off circuit to stop charging of the battery when the potential across the battery reaches 13.3 Volts. The problem is that I want to cut-off the Solar panel from circuit by measuring the potential of the battery. The battery that I'm using is a 12V bike battery rated 9AH/10HR. If you have any other suggestions then please tell. Thanks in advance


A simple way is shove a MOSFET in series with the Solar Panel, and use a comparator to toggle it on and off. A very simple way to show that would be:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab

This is incredibly simplified but it should provide a good starting point to work from. You can set your Vref to whatever you want, and monitor the battery voltage so when it hits a certain threshold, the comparator toggles the MOSFET, which in turn will switch the Solar Panel on and off.

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