I believe they are Molex Mini-Fit series but I can't find the exact match. Thanks.

Found an old thread. It points to some no-name connector, which is nice but I need a part I can specify in a design...

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    \$\begingroup\$ Contact Molex directly and ask \$\endgroup\$ – gregb212 Feb 7 '18 at 20:38

The 6-pin versions are:

  • 45558-0003 - (*) Molex Mini-Fit JR, PCIe Applications, Right-Angle, 6-pin Header
  • 45718-0002 - Molex Mini-Fit JR, PCIe Applications, Vertical, 6-pin Header
  • 45559-0002 - Molex Mini-Fit JR, PCIe Applications, 6-pin Receptacle

I am yet to work out what the 8-pin connectors are. Still looking.

(*) The original part number was 45558-0002 part has been superseded by 45558-0003.


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