I am trying to design a simple 2 bit ALU which can perform addition, OR and XOR. Here's the picture of my design in multisim. Picture of disign

Problem with my design is i'm not understanding the purpose of select lines here. I refereed my note for that. I've something like below for arithmetic circuit design, concerning my note

enter image description here

I'm not sure whether i applied those strategy or not.


The two select lines S0 and S1 will simply tell the two multiplexers which input to connect to the output. Observe that every function(Addition, AND, OR, and XOR) is connected to one of the four multiplexer inputs. Your ALU will always execute all four operations, but the setting of the select lines will actually decide which result the ALU will output.

Also, it seems there is a small error in your ModelSim design: the output signal of the OR1 gate is supposed to connect to D2 input of MUX1, but you have drawn them over the D0 and D1 inputs too; this could be a short circuit, make sure the OR1 output is only connected to the D2 input.


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