i am new to power electronics.I am working in project where input is pulsating dc and i have to control it, i try with scr but we can control only on of scr not off so in some case the cycle cut become so large that there is no current for long duration.So second method is to use GTO.But i am not getting any proper document to interface GTO with MCU. So please provide me some circuit or document or your views so that i can interface GTO with MCU.Thanks in advance.

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    i think that GTO was a model of a car made by Pontiac .... which GTO are you talking about? – jsotola Mar 12 at 5:40
  • Here GTO means gate turnoff thyristor .Its is special type of SCR(silicon controlled rectifier ). – Harwinder Mar 12 at 9:34
  • Do you REALLY need a GTO? They are a real pig to turn-off ( 1/3 of the forward current). What is the forward current – JonRB Mar 12 at 18:52

you can mosfet/IGBT instead of SCR. you can control the mosfet using a driver IC and a microcontroller.

  • Unless the blocking voltage is too high or the forward current is too high. There are still areas where GTO/SCR are the only option – JonRB Mar 12 at 18:51

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