As part of the documentation for an Electronics project generated in Altium designer 17, I would like to add part number for items the project need, but are not part of the PCB.

For example in the schematic and PCB i have added : Molex Mini Jr PCB mount Receptacle , However i am asked to include the mating Plug, Crimp and wire which is not a part of the pcb, but a part of the whole assembly.

1. What is the Standard (and neat) way of doing this kind of documentation?

2. Is it possible to add these parts in the schematic but make altium understand they don't have footprint ?


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The easiest way to do this is to simply change the item property 'Type' from Standard to Mechanical. This will still cause the item to output to the BOMs, but will not translate as a component with a PCB footprint.

This is something you can also set in the library definition by modifying the component's schematic symbol in its SCH library.


Simply add them as a mechanical part. For example:

enter image description here

If you add a footprint, it will be included. If you don't Altium won't complain.

It will be included in the BOM.


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