Is it possible to save outputs of different steps of synthesis in Design Compiler and load them later? For example, is it possible to do analyze, save the output of that, and use the saved output during next session in order to save some time and continue where I left off? Is the same thing possible for other commands such as elaborate, etc.?

If yes, how?


Yes, it is possible to save and/or load Design Compiler database at different stages of synthesis. Synopsys has DDC format to carry both design and constraint information. Files in this format are not human readable, but very useful.

The following example saves the database after elaboration.

analyze <bla_bla>
elaborate <bla_bla>
write_file -format ddc -output mydb_1.ddc

This example loads the saved database and saves again after compile.

read_ddc mydb_1.ddc
write_file -format ddc -output mydb_2.ddc

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