I have a atmega32u4 from factory with dfu inside. The HWB is pull down, and RESET pin is pull up.

The first USB plug, dfu programmer appears on my Linux box. I upload the firmware without problem. Now, every time I plug my atmega to USB the application runs first, instead of dfu. But, when reset mcu by software, the bootloader code runs.

According to datasheet, default fuses are : BOOTRST = 1 and HWBE = 0. With this fuses and signals, the expected behaviour should be always the first one as the image show.

Boot process datasheet

I don't know why reset by software, the bootloader runs.


After some testings, this is what happend. The startup code is:

*. At startup, check MCUSR. If reset was due to watchdog, clear corresponding flag.

*. Turn off wdt.

*. Configure wdt with desired timeout.

*. Feed the wdt when needed.

Two options are possible to start application with dfu-programmer:

  1. Start application with an internal hardware reset using watchdog.

  2. A jump at address 0x0000 without reset.

Hanging mcu later, if app was launched with option one, the applications boots.

Using option two, by some reason, the bootloader runs this time.


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