I have several 3.7V 1800mah and 700mah Lipo batteries that also have the 8205A MOSFET and DW01a chips mounted to the top. I've seen the two types of TP4056 boards (one with these two chips for lipo batteries with "protect" printed on the back and the kind without the chips designed for li ion batteries) and I'm wondering if the Lipo batteries that have these components are compatible with the TP4056 board for li ion batteries. From what I've read so far the TP4056 will only charge batteries greater than 1000mah so the 700mah batteries might be out of the question.

I've tried to find the answer on other forums regarding the Lipo battery protection circuit mounted on the battery as opposed to the TP4056 but so far I've found nothing.


The spec shows a current source PROG and sink , BAT, with an equation of $$I_{Bat}= 1200*V_{PROG}/R_{PROG}$$ so for $$ V_{PROG}=1V , I_{BAT}=700mA, R_{PROG}=1200/0.7A$$

The limit is not 1000mAh min rather it is 1000mA maximum.

The TEMP pin must be terminated properly and all other suggested circuit conponents.

Are there any other specs that need explanation?

·Input Supply Voltage(V CC ):-0.3V~8V
 ·BAT Short-Circuit Duration:Continuous
·BAT Pin Current:1200mA
·PROG Pin Current:1200uA
·Maximum Junction Temperature:145℃
·Operating Ambient Temperature Range:-40    ℃~85℃
·Lead Temp.(Soldering, 10sec):260
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    \$\begingroup\$ Well, my question is if the Lipo battery has the protection circuit (8205A MOSFET and DW01a) built into it then can I use the regular TP4056 instead of the TP4056 "protect" model? \$\endgroup\$ – Matthew Olson Mar 25 '18 at 4:16

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