I have a project about MSP430, data acquisition then sending through UART to another unit. I have written and compiled all the codes for ADC and UART in IAR Embedded Workbench. The simulation works fine on Proteus ISIS. Here is my question: How can I load these codes into MSP430 to run independently from PC. I mean, two designed boards will be used to communicate with each other.

PS: I have a CP2102 USB-Uart Bridge breakout board. Is it possible to load the codes into MSP430 with this interface? Or should I absolutely use JTAG interface?

Thanks in advance.


No, you don't need JTAG to program the device. MSP430 also supports bootstrap loading (BSL). A special reset sequence activates the bootstrap loader,

enter image description here

which uses the UART, with the following settings:

  • 9600 bps, half duplex
  • 8E1 format (8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit

The bootstrap loader is protected with a 256-bit user defined password.

Further reading
MSP430 Programming Via the Bootstrap Loader


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