I'm hvaing trouble with my circuit, it's suppose to be a load switch to turn on a wifi module. However it's not working as intended. The idea is to set WIFI_CTRL to high to turn on WIFI_ENABLE.

The compnents are:

Q3=TSM250N02CX TSM250N02CX

Q4=DMP1045UQ DMP1045UQ

I tried reducing the resistance of R10 to 1K and even 100 Ohm for a stronger pull-up but still WIFI_Enable is just down to 1.5V.

Can anyone pinpoint my issue, or recommend suitable SOT-23 replacements ? Circuit


Your P channel MOSFET is upside down. And now the P-channel body diode is always in forward biased and turn-on your WIFI_ENABLE regardless Q4 state.

P-MOSFET body diode

P channel MOSFET source need to be connected to VCC3


You are missing a pull-down resistor on the gate terminal of Q4. Without this resistor small charges at the gate can keep the MOSFET turned on.


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