I'm writing software (for ATMega32) that reads pressure from Bosch BMP280 sensor. I'm using I2C bus. I have found this library: https://github.com/BoschSensortec/BMP280_driver

and I have a question about inizialization of I2C:

int8_t rslt;
struct bmp280_dev bmp;
/* Sensor interface over I2C with primary slave address  */
bmp.dev_id = BMP280_I2C_ADDR_PRIM;
bmp.intf = BMP280_I2C_INTF;
bmp.read = user_i2c_read;
bmp.write = user_i2c_write;
bmp.delay_ms = user_delay_ms;

What function should I use as user_i2c_read/user_i2c_write and user_delay_ms?


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The struct bmp280_dev is defined in bmp280_defs.h The actual memebers are

bmp280_com_fptr_t read;
bmp280_com_fptr_t write;
bmp280_delay_fptr_t delay_ms;

If you search further in that file for the keyword


you will find this declaration

typedef int8_t (*bmp280_com_fptr_t)(uint8_t dev_id, uint8_t reg_addr,
    uint8_t *data, uint16_t len);

which gives that the functions you asking for are function-pointers. Here is a nice tutorial about function pointers. Programs as Data: Function Pointers

furthermore, it is essential to create theese functions and function-pointers, and to initialize a default return-value of rslt=BMP280_OK. Here is a shorted example from my own code. You have to implant routines to get proper error-checking-

int8_t user_i2c_read(uint8_t dev_id, uint8_t reg_addr, 
uint8_t*reg_data, uint16_t len) 
  printf("\nuser_i2c_read\n"); //just to see that the function executes
  int8_t rslt = BMP280_OK;
   // implent more code here, to a start you can print out the
   // variables.and check that they are are 'set'
   if (rslt != BMP280_OK)
      rslt = BMP280_E_COMM_FAIL; 
   return rslt;

To the like for user_i2c_write and

void user_delay_ms(uint32_t ms){ usleep(ms); }

Thoose functions are called from bmp280.c . Also - when you from main run

rslt = bmp280_init(&bmp);

Without creating thoose functions, the bmp280_init will never give you the right return values.

Also it is worth mention that you do not need to name the functions to user_blabla. You can name them to whaatever you want - as long that you imitalize the functionpointers to the same name. That gives :you can re-initialize the function-pointrs to other names, and therefore make the read-call, the write-call etcetera to call other functions than they did previousley.

I might have some stuff in this to not be 100% accurate, because I just a few hours ago, after working many hours with this, found it out out myself, and I have been up all to many hours to get this working. And I am not naturally english speaking, so there we have the languge-barriar.

One last hint, the issues thread from the repo of BoschSensortec/BMP280_driver has some code worth looking at. BoschSensortec/BMP280_driver issuses


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