I am building an led matrix having 75 SMD 2835 60mA leds. I am connecting 3 in series with a resistance and then connecting the 25 series parallely to a 12V power source supplying 3A@12V. This means that 120mA will be divided among the 25 series, will this set up burn up the leds. Also what value of the resistance will i need to connect to the 3 leds in series?

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    \$\begingroup\$ It would help to know the exact models of LEDs, as we don't know the specific forward voltage. \$\endgroup\$ – SomeoneSomewhereSupportsMonica May 13 '18 at 9:43
  • \$\begingroup\$ Forward voltage of an led is 3.2-3.3v \$\endgroup\$ – Kangkan Kakaty May 13 '18 at 9:44

If forward voltage is 3V DC, the drop across 3 diodes is 3*3V=9V. The remaining voltage is the battery voltage V_battery-9V. The resistance needed (for each series connection of 3 diodes) is (from Ohm's law) : R=(V_battery - 9V)/60mA. E.g. 50 Ohm.


I am building an led matrix having 75 SMD 2835 60mA leds

I am going to assume you mean you want to light up approximately 75 white LEDs with a test current of about 60 mA.

To get the resistance value use an online calculator such as Hobby Hour LED Series Resistor Calculator

enter image description here

Forward voltage of an led is 3.2-3.3v

This is not true. The IV curve and temperature determines Vf. Today typical Vf for a 60mA white LED is 2.75-2.85V.

a 12V power source supplying 3A@12V

Is there any particular reason you are using 12V?

A 48v or 54v constant current would be better than using resistors. Recommended: Mean Well HLG-40H-54B

In the 60 mA area I would use a Samsung LM561C (2.75V @ 65 mA) with an efficacy of 212 lm/W.

IV curve Samsung LM561C Rev 7 datasheet

Using the 561C's Vfmax 3.0V you can drive strings of 18 LEDs using 54V LED driver. I would drive 18 sets of four parallel LEDs wired in series.

To drive these at 65 mA. You will need 4 x 65 mA = 260 mA.
72 x 37 lm @ 65mA = 2,664 lumens

With a $25 HLG-40H-54B you can run them up to 750mA (≈8,000 lumens) without exceeding the max current (200 mA) for a 561C. Current is easily adjusted with a variable or fixed resistance.


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