I'm trying to write measurements from external sensor to the file (lets say 1 per second). I'm using ATMega32 and PetitFS. At this moment I'm able to write one measure:

int main(void){

    BYTE result;
    WORD s1;

        sprintf(buff, "Measure: %d\r\n", mes);
        result = pf_write(buff, sizeof(buff), &s1);

Now I'm trying to extend above code with pf_lseek to append another measure after previous one. Can someone give me a hint/suggestion how to achieve this?


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I think you did not post the whole code, as pf_mount and pf_open are also needed to get started.

First of all - just don't close the file, call pf_write again with another sample.

Second - if you want to append to an existing file - open the file with pf_open and then try pf_lseek perhaps with a very high number (UINT32_MAX). I think that it will just set the pointer to the end of the file (check the error code).


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