I have created a passive circuit model with equation and passive elements of a ferroelectric varactor. I want to use it while designing in many RF applications like VCO and other applications. Now before that I want to check the C-V (Capacitance vs Bias Voltage) curve of my compact model. How to plot in Spectre? Should I use AC source pr voltage controlled current source? Irrespective of source, I have problem across where to plot the Capacitance? If I put any voltage source at the output I will get voltage as well. How to convert it to capacitance curve across my input bias voltage? Can anyone help me?

I have attached my testbench and also created compact model of the ferroelectric varactor.

Note: I am using ICADV12.3-64b.500.11

Varactor model:

enter image description here

Testbench: enter image description here


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