Does anyone know what the letters of Chunghwa Picture Tubes LCD mean in the part numbers for example 7" or 6.95" displays of a series all start with CLAA069LAXXX where XXX is a random assortment of letters for example.


All of these panels are 800x480 WVGA WLED TTL interface 60pin they don't all have spec sheets but the few I have found are similar or I don't know enough to find the difference.

I found a post explaining what the letters in the part numbers of AOU displays mean.

New and old AUO models are slightly different. The older models have 2 letters after the screen size, and the newer models have 3. Example of a model number: B156XW01 v.1 (old); B156HTN01.1 (new).

The next letter after the size denotes the screen resolution:

X = 1366×768 R = 1600×900 H = 1920×1080

The next letter after the resolution tells the LCD type – if it is TN or IPS:

T= TN (regular view) A = IPS (wide view)

The next letter after the type tells if the LCD is made for a touchscreen laptop:

N = no touch screen T = touchscreen

But after hours of searching I have found nothing on CPT.


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