I am new to Verilog, but have some coding experience in VHDL. While reading someone else's code, I came across the following part:

genvar i;
  for (i = 0; i < 8; i = i + 1) begin : gen_for
    integer p = (66.0*i)/8.0;
    assign data[p + 1] = ...

My doubt here is what will be the value of p rounded to? Will it be rounded to the nearest integer or to the largest integer < (66.0*i)/8.0 (floor operation)?


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Whenever there's a decimal in an integer variable, it typically floors the value. So if the answer is like 8.25 for i=1, the answer would actually just be 8. Then at i=2, the answer will be 16.5 but with the integer variable will make it 16. And so forth.

You could also execute the code and see what it does :)


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