I have a Keysight 33500B signal generator and I would like to remotely program arbitrary (ARB) waveforms that consist of existing signals in the device's library, from a python script.

For example I would like a linear ramp followed by a sine.

I know how to generate the sine and a ramp.

How do I make a combined waveform of the two sub-waveforms, and then trigger the device to generate the combined output?



import time
from scipy import signal
from scipy.signal import chirp
import scipy as sp
import numpy as np 
import array
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # import matplotlib.pyplot as plot
import visa 

# Waveform Genertor 
rm = visa.ResourceManager()
wavegen = rm.open_resource('TCPIP0::');

# Admin
wavegen.write('*RST;*CLS;*OPC?') #reset instrument
time.sleep(2) #wait 2 seconds for the reset to complete
wavegen.write('SOUR1:DATA:VOL:CLE') #clear volatile waveforms
wavegen.write('SOUR1:FUNC ARB') #tell the instrument to use the arb feature

dataString = "DATA:ARB STACK"

wavegen.write('SOUR1:APPL:SIN 5 KHZ, 3.0 VPP, -2.5 V')

To make a ramp, I can just write:

wavegen.write('SOUR1:APPL:RAMP 1 KHZ, 1 V, 2.5 V')

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