I am a total beginner when it comes to communicating to your electronic devices using python.

I installed PyVISA, Open Choice Talker Listner (Tektronix), a few other items.

I was able to send basic commands to TBS2000 series oscilloscope using "Open Choice Talker Listner" as shown in the image below.

I was googling 'how to control your oscilloscope using python' but have not been successful so far.

I use Anaconda.

I guess there's plenty of information available online but for a beginner like myself, its been posing a huge mountain to climb.

Would anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction of where to find such information, and maybe even post a simple script as an example?

enter image description here


The interface is called VISA

Virtual instrument software architecture, commonly known as VISA, is a widely used I/O API in the test and measurement (T&M) industry for communicating with instruments from a computer. VISA is an industry standard implemented by several T&M companies, such as, Anritsu, Bustec, Keysight Technologies, Kikusui, National Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix.

The VISA standard1 includes specifications for communication with resources (usually, but not always, instruments) over T&M-specific I/O interfaces such as GPIB and VXI. There are also some specifications for T&M-specific protocols over PC-standard I/O, such as HiSLIP2 or VXI-113 (over TCP/IP) and USBTMC[4] (over USB).

The VISA library has standardized the presentation of its operations over several software reuse mechanisms, including through a C API exposed from Windows DLL, visa32.dll, over the Microsoft COM technology, and through a .NET API. Although there are several VISA vendors and implementations, applications written against VISA are (nominally) vendor-interchangeable thanks to the standardization of VISA's presentation and operations/capabilities. Implementations from specific vendors[specify] are also available for less common programming languages[specify] and software reuse technologies.

Source: wikipedia VISA

There is a python package available to use VISA, whether it works for your scope is another matter.

You'll also need the user manual for TPS2000 series

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