I am trying to build a resonant circuit for data communication between coils.

Which would be better, a series or a parallel resonant circuit?

What is the difference between them and in which applications should we use them?

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Characteristics of series resonance circuit:

  • Minimum impedance
  • Maximum circuit current
  • cos(φ) = 1 , hence current and voltage becomes in phase.
  • Circuit current becomes proportional to circuit resistance i.e. I ~ 1/R

Uses of series resonance circuit:

  • As frequency selection circuit in radio and TV tuner circuits.
  • As band pass filter circuit.

Characteristics of parallel resonance circuit:

  • Maximum impedance
  • Minimum circuit current
  • cos(φ) = 1, hence voltage and current becomes in phase
  • Circuit current depends on circuit impedance, Z = L/C or I ~ -(1/R)

Uses of parallel resonance circuit:

  • As a Band Stop Filter
  • As a tank circuit in Oscillators
  • As a plate load in IF and RF amplifiers
  • As I.F. trap in aerial circuit of radio as well as TV receivers.

comparison chart

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