In case of Auto-transformer, there is only one winding, having three lead wires (1 for primary/input, 1 for secondary/output, and 1 common between both). At the secondary side (the output side), there are taps (sort of voltage dividers).

I have a auto-transformer with input at 220 V, and i have taps at the secondary side at 200 V and 240 V (only mentioning my required taps, there are many).

My question is, what will happen if the taps at the secondary get short-circuited (200 V tap and 240 V tap gets short)? What will be the effect of this incidence on primary voltage and secondary voltage? Will transformer be okay? it won't get damage or something??

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If you put a short circuit across a portion of the winding of an autotransformer, that portion of the winding will pass excessive current, and may be damaged - just as if you had shorted turns in either winding of a normal transformer.

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