The Lutron "Maestro C•L" dimmer has different wattage ratings depending on the type(s) of bulbs being controlled. Its an electronic dimmer.

Specifically, when 100% incandescent or halogen it can handle 600 W, but when 100% LED or CFL only 150 W, with a gradual variation between these extremes for mixed bulb types.

Info from the specification sheet:

enter image description here


(The wattage capability also varies based on the # of "sides removed" though I can't see in the docs what that means.)

Source: http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/369613a.pdf

What is the reason for the degraded wattage capability when running LED bulbs?

And is this variation in wattage capability typical of this sort of dimmer?


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Since dimmable LEDs don’t use active PFC for cost reasons, the peak/average current is much higher, called the crest factor, so conduction losses demand this de-rating of power limits in a Triac dimmer.

The last page gives examples of multiple dimmers on the side and why that causes further derating by how far “removed” from the load to line a configuration is possible. “Removed” here means shifted away from power input by cascaded dimmers.

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    \$\begingroup\$ This answer brought to you by the terms Power Factor and VA. PFC = Power Factor Correction. Power factor being a ratio: the difference between the power a pure resistive load would use at those same instantaneous peak amps, and what the load actually draws. Because you must generate and deliver the entire sine wave, even if only part is used. \$\endgroup\$ Dec 16, 2021 at 19:54
  • \$\begingroup\$ @Harper-ReinstateMonica yes but it is the crest factor of peak capacitive current that has much higher peak power than average RMS power that it is derated. Similar to derating on inductive motors. But yes if they did have active PFC then derating would not be required. TY for adding definition for others \$\endgroup\$ Dec 16, 2021 at 20:05
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