I'm trying out a tutorial from Keil (found here) on the CMSIS DSP modules for STM32F407VE Disco boards, but I only have the F411VET6 Disco board so I use that one instead.

The example sketch (section 24: DSP SINE example using ARM CMSIS-DSP Libraries, page 20) implements a filter on a noise-imposed sinusoid, and supposedly I should see a clean sinusoid. I acquired the complete example project through Pack Manager, under F407VE board's examples. The tutorial showed that I should go into debug mode and press run to see all the waveforms appear in the Serial Waveform Viewer like below, but I tried that and nothing showed.

Sketch result according to Keil's tutorial

I assumed that the board difference was the reason but Keil states in the file that the tutorial can be done on F411 with some modifications, though not specifically which. I've tried changing device, adding "__FPU_PRESENT=1U" to define list so that the compile works, changing the RCC clock so that it fits the 100MHz limit of the F411 board, but still nothing showed. The debugger gets to the osDelay() function and then end up crashing with stack overflow. Any idea how I can port this example into F411 board?

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