I am trying to decode some serial log messages from a monitor scaler board which isn't quite working correctly. The processor is a STDP9320-BB which looks to be running on a x186 architecture. Here's the log that I'm getting so far over a UART port on startup.

Dual Flash Bank is disabled..!.
Init PCTL. April 27 2012.<.
DDR3 - W631GG6KB-15.ç 
PCTL32_PUB_SMCTL check fail... 
PCTL32_PUB_SMCTL_lo = 0x%x.... 
PCTL32_PUB_SMCTL_hi = 0x%x.•˝,
IFM measured RC-OSC Clock Value = 0x%x.◊.È'
Calibrated RC-OSC Trim Value = %d...8%
Measured RC-OSC Clock = %d000Hz.We±.
Uploaded LPM: %d bytes.ìåW.
OtpSramInit OK.Õ.
LPM DC off!.ÿ

Does anyone have any idea what PCTL32_PUB_SMCTL means?

For PCTL I've thought it might mean pin control, or power control - but what about the 32? I'm guessing PUB might mean public? As for SMCTL, the only reference I've been able to find online is SMBus Control which doesn't make sense on a monitor scaler board.

P.S. I'm not too worried about the funny ASCII characters at the end of the string for now - pretty sure they are bytes and the strings are using some form of printf syntax. That might be more relevant once I know what the failed check is :)

Link to STDP9320 datasheet here



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