I am trying to simulate the XADC in vivado

I have my testbench code here

library IEEE;
use ieee.numeric_std.all;
use std.textio.all;

entity test_design_1 is 
end test_design_1;

architecture TB of test_design_1 is

component design_1 is
port (
  dclk_in : in STD_LOGIC;
  eoc_out : out STD_LOGIC;
  vn_in : in STD_LOGIC;
  vp_in : in STD_LOGIC
end component design_1;

signal dclk_in : STD_LOGIC;
signal eoc_out : STD_LOGIC;
signal vn_in : STD_LOGIC;
signal vp_in : STD_LOGIC;    
DUT: component design_1 port map (
        dclk_in => dclk_in,
        eoc_out => eoc_out,
        vn_in => vn_in,
        vp_in => vp_in
variable value_SPACE : character;
variable read_col_from_input_buf : line;
variable value_TIME, value_VP, value_VN : integer;
file input_buf : text;

    file_open(input_buf, "design.txt", read_mode);
          while not endfile(input_buf) loop
            readline(input_buf, read_col_from_input_buf);
            read(read_col_from_input_buf, value_TIME);
            read(read_col_from_input_buf, value_SPACE);           -- read in the space character
            read(read_col_from_input_buf, value_VP);
            read(read_col_from_input_buf, value_SPACE);           -- read in the space character
            read(read_col_from_input_buf, value_VN); 
dclk_in <= std_logic_vector(to_unsigned(value_TIME, dclk_in'LENGTH));
            vn_in <= std_logic_vector(to_unsigned(value_VN, vn_in'LENGTH));
            vp_in <= std_logic_vector(to_unsigned(value_VP, vp_in'LENGTH));
          end loop;
          end process;
end TB;

The ports vp_in and vn_in are of type STD_LOGIC but I am getting confused as to convert a number of type decimal (ex: vn_in = 0.0 and vp_in = 0.9) and dclk is range of nanoseconds .

enter image description here

kindly help me understand how to convert the value in decimal to STD_LOGIC type.

Thanks in advance

  • Also see SO VHDL data type confusion. If you were to look at Xilinx' XADC.vhd you'd find the inputs provide connectivity and are never evaluated (std_ulogic represents a single bit value with metavalues, VN and VP are differential analog inputs with a range of 0 to 1 V). Data output values are assigned from generic constants and conversion isn't actually modeled. – user8352 Oct 9 at 3:48

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