I have a simple circuit board with a push button on it. I just want to automate the pressing action every 0.2 sec or so. The push button has two terminals underneath and I understand that I should connect both terminals in order to close the circuit and simulate the pressing action.

Having this in mind, how can I automate this action every 0.2 sec or so? I guess that I should use a "Timer Relay Delay" like this: DC 6V~30V Multifunction Trigger Delay Time Module Switch Control Relay Cycle Timer Digit LED Display Micro USB 5V

However, I don't know where I should connect both terminals of the push button.

Can anyone give me some advice?


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A good start for this sort of project would be to use an Arduino.

They are micro-controller made easy for beginner to use, with a lot of community and code example available.

Learning Arduino will be a bit more difficult than using a device as you suggested, but it will open a bunch of new doors into different projects you would like to make on the future.

You can program the Arduino to give you the 0.2 sec signal to a pin, and then you can use a relay to replace the push button.

There is probably better than the relay, but we would need a little bit more what this button action controls.


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