Good Day all, Am a bit confused About Something, i have this pair of amp built with TEA2025b IC which runs on 12v 1.5A, and am using a 12v 2A Transformer, but one of the circuit has a resistor in series to the VCC+ (Green Black Silver Gold). While the other circuit has a 2.2ohms (Red Red Gold Gold) on its VCC+. And a friend of mine has same circuits with no resistor connected to its VCC+, so i want to know the function of the resistor in the circuit. Thanks. Have A Nice Day.

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  • The datasheet for the TEA2025B shows that its maximum allowed supply voltage is 15VDC. The 12VAC transformer might be 14VAC and when rectified and filtered produces +18.3V which is too high. The resistors reduce the supply voltage and reduce the output power when the output is loud but do not reduce the supply voltage when the output is not loud. – Audioguru Oct 11 at 16:32

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