I am having a difficult time identifying a high voltage, ceramic capacitor that I need to replace. I've tried at length to research this myself to no avail. I am hoping that someone out there can help me with this. Apart from the first line on the capacitor which I am reading as 220pF ±10%, I don't know how to interpret the rest. I cannot find a meaning for the symbol at the bottom that is a half circle with a bowtie in the middle of it and what does the tilde mean in this context? Cannot determine the voltage etc Thanks! enter image description here


Its a murata cap, made in Thailand. Here is a link to the PDF

Has a value of 220pf Probably one of these at digikey

enter image description here


See this document

Page 38:

  • 221K: Nominal capacitance: 221, K: Capacitance tolerance, K: +/- 10%
  • KX: Type designation KX,
  • X1Y1: See Features, item 8:
    • Rated Voltage: X1: AC440V(r.m.s.), Y1: AC250V(r.m.s.) or
    • X1: AC440V(r.m.s.), Y1: AC300V (r.m.s.)
  • 22: Manufactured date class
  • M15: Company Name Code: M15: Made in Thailand

This is marked '221K' which commonly means 220 pF,10% tolerance, in an EIA standard marking. The '250~' indicates that it is rated for 250VAC. Beyond that, the 'X1Y1' string probably indicates that this component is safety-rated for direct line connection (and would be considered a safety-critical component).

The color and the lower string probably indicate the manufacturer and possibly even the factory of origin.

This reference may help with similar questions: wikihow


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