I have a stepper motor that has 1.3Nm holding torque. Im using TB6560 driver at 3A phase current and half step mode. And also Im using Arduino for generate step signal for the driver. If I generate a pulse 1000uS HIGH and 1uS LOW, I can get good torque from motor.But,more vibrations.If I decrease the HIGH time, I can get low torque and less vibrations.

I need more torque and less vibrations for my application.

I cant understand how motor torque depend on pulse HIGH time. Someone can explain and give a proper solution for my problem gratefully appreciated.


If you increase your pulse frequency (and this is what you do when you decrease your HIGH time*), you increase speed.
And increasing speed means decreasing torque.
The internet is full of information on this. For instance, have a look here.

Vibrations also depend on speed - and of course on your system parameters that we don't know.
Generally, using microstepping can help to reduce vibrations. See also this discussion.


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