I'm designing PCB that includes 24MHz SMD 4 pins crystal.

According to my understanding, the crystal package marking is for Pin number 4.

I wonder, how should I indicate in the PCB this pin? Should I put a circle near this pin as I do to any SMD to indicate Pin #1? actually, I did it but I'm not sure about it.

Is there any standard or marking for this situation?

Thank you very much.


Because the electrical orientation of the crystal crystal does not matter and package has 180° symmetry, it doesn't really matter which way round the crystal is mounted.

If you place a mark on the PCB, this will generally be assumed to correspond to pin 1 unless the device has an obvious mark on a different pin. In the case of the crystal, which is marked only by a different contact shape on the bottom, this may not be obvious to the manufacturer. If the orientation actually mattered, as it does for most components, you would want to include a detailed assembly specification that cleared up any ambiguities.


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