Please, help to identify smd component. The numbers are: First line - T10H8 Second line - 030TD

Middle bottom leg (-) Middle top leg (+) Bottom right leg goes to base of transistor for speaker.

The body presumably sot26.

This is HellGate Buzzer for quadrocopter working with external and own battery(charging from external). It's beeping different patterns(in time) after disconnecting from external battery.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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    ATtiny10 is a possible match, the latest die revision has the marking T10H and it's available in a SOT23 package. – Janka Nov 8 at 20:29
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    Given the functionality, it is likely to be a cheap 6-pin micro controller with either a comparator or an ADC to monitor the battery Try to reverse-engineer an schematic and that would narrow your search down. For example an ATtiny could fit the bill. – Edgar Brown Nov 8 at 20:34
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    Thanks! Sure it is ATiny 10(never saw so small MCU before) – jUmPeR Nov 8 at 20:50

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