I'm trying to calculate an expression for this RLE rectifier:


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab


  • \$R=2 \Omega\$
  • \$L=20 mH\$
  • \$V_{DC}=100 V\$
  • \$V_{m}=120 V\$
  • \$f=60 Hz\$

So to deduce the expression, I use the next function for the current: $$I(t\omega)=\frac{V_{m}}{Z}sin(t\omega-\phi)-\frac{V_{DC}}{R}+Ae^{\frac{-t\omega}{\omega\tau}}$$

based on the components given

and for A I use the idea that the initial current in the inductor is zero because it was zero before the diode started conducting and it cannot change instantaneously.

yields that \$A=71.06\$

But in the book this appears as \$A=75.3\$
How must I calculate this A value?


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