I am trying to design a pcb layout with the nRF24L01+ chip. The documentation seems to cover nearly everything I needed to know, but with a small thing left - the antenna.

I would love to use an SMD antenna like this: Vishay VJ5106W240GXCMT. There is the "matching component" in the documentation and from my research, this component(s) should match the pcb trace.

If I correctly understand the nRF documentation; Those matching components are populated on the schematic with values. Could I just attach the antenna without bothering about the trace thickness? partial schematics from nRF documentation And I found this topic on StackExchange: Chip antenna PCB layouts and matching network, but I quite don't get it. The SMD Antenna does not provide any component specification.

What guidelines should I keep track of and How could I match those "matching components" for the trace from the nRF chip to the antenna? I use EasyEDA for design, if that's important.


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