I am trying to generate a BOM of my Altium project so that I can send it to the procurement people.

However, strangely when I go into Reports > Bill of Materials about half of the Manufacturer 1 and Manufacturer Part Number 1 fields have "Supplier Disabled" in them. I've included a snippet below:

Supplier Disabled

When I try to click on the supplier part number, it takes me to the supplier's website but searches for Supplier Disabled.
For Example...

I can't figure out why Altium is doing this.


Even though it was taking me to the suppliers website, the suppliers name was not quite correct (or at least how Altium expects it).

Specifically, the ones that had a problem had the supplier as DigiKey and Altium was expecting Digi-Key.

To change all of these wrong supplier names at once, I used Parameter Manager in the Tools menu.

Aditionally, you may have to enable the supplier in the DXP Preferences - Data Management - Suppliers page:

Enable suppliers

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