I have 2 MCU's, STM32 blue pill and Teensy 3.2.

I want to connect the Teensy 3.2 to external TRRS connection (using the DAC of the Teensy). I understand that I need some audio amplifier to be able to get the sound on the earphone properly.

I have looked on Ebay and there is so many different modules (like: MAX98306, LM386, PAM8403, TPA2005D1) so I just got lost... What is the preferred cheap audio amplifier I should buy/build? (the preferred for Teensy 3.2 DAC and a different preferred for the STMm32 Bluepill (because he doesn't have dac so he will probably need a different amplifier)

If there is some breakout that have TRRS with all the needed staff that I can just connect him to the STM32 Bluepill and/or to the Teensy and it's will just work (i.e. I will get a proper sound in the earphone from the MCU and get proper sound in the MCU from the headphone microphone) it's will be probably the best choice for me (unless it's cost a lot (like more then 7$ per unit), then we are back to build it my self...).

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This is a very vague question, because you don't specify what you prefer. Rock-bottom cost? High efficiency? HiFi-quality? Extremely low volume?

I don't see why you can't use the same module for both chips. On the blue-pill you could use an external DAC, or rig a PWM output (RC filter) to produce analog.

I would go for a PM8403 module from the famous China website, but I didn't look too close at other options. LM386 is a dinosaur, don't use it.

  • Thank you, I look for just normal connection from my mcu to earphone , if will use PM8403 for the bluepill on which external DAC you recommend? – dog scotter Dec 7 at 10:55
  • Which DAC? For now, don't bother, get one that is readily available, is reasonably quick (SPI is better than I2C), and for which you can find a library. Or use PWM + filter. – Wouter van Ooijen Dec 7 at 11:10

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