I'm trying to send user defined data over USRP board using SDRu Simulink blocks available. Following is the block diagram of my model:

enter image description here

Basically right now I'm trying to use the USRP board as a transceiver, hence the IP address of both Transmitter and Receiver are same. As of now, Transmitter is causing a problem regarding the input to it. Following is the error flashed:

enter image description here

I'm not really understanding this error. My input to the SDRu Transmitter a column vector of fixed size 100. The reshape block is just transforming row vector to column vector.

Also, if I remove the SDRu Transmitter block, the model runs perfectly, and I can see the variable recOut1 in the workspace. I have gone through the QPSK example given in MATLAB examples. I really can't understand the source of this error. Can anyone shed some light on it?


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