So, I am studying an application with an asynchronous motor. Attached to the motor i find a driver and the control of the motor is based on the calculation of an equivalent torque constant for the motor and then using the motor as a synchronous one. The torque constant is calculated as the slope of the curve in figure with is RMS value: enter image description here

enter image description here

In my academic studies i used this relation for the torque in induction motors under FOC control: enter image description here

So: enter image description here

Where Lm is the mutual inductance, Tr=Rr/Lr is the time constant of the rotor with Rr the rotor inductance, s the Laplace operator and Lr is the rotor inductance. p is the number of poles. Therefore in steady state (i neglect the laplace operator) i obtain:

enter image description here

Do you have any suggestion on how calculate Kt (of course it is an approximation). Where isd is the stator direct current which i measure equal to 13.24A during operations while isq varies depending on the motor speed. This is my motor datasheet: enter image description here


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