I am about to purchase a Rover 5 Robot Platform from Spark Fun and I would like to know what type of motor controller I should get, and is there a controlling device instead such as a remote control? Thanks.


Big question (and probably one that you'd be better asking SparkFun about - they seem to have a very helpful and knowledgeable staff).

Lots of things to look at:

  1. Stall current
    • Seems to be 2.5A (manual)
    • There's a comment on the site stating that it seems to be a total stall current (4 motors at ~500mA each)
  2. Comfort with electronics
    • Will you be comfortable hooking it to an Arduino/RaspPi?
    • Or are you keen for plug and play remote control with a standard out of the box transmitter/receiver?


(no affiliation to pololu - just like their gear)


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