I am trying to design a SMPS for a project (I have to make a custom one for integration purpose).

This SMPS have universal input (85-265V AC at 50 or 60 Hz) and an output of ideally 53V (but it can be between 51 and 55V, it does not really matter much).

I am not really familiar with SMPS design, so I used the WEBENCH TI tool to get a quick design that I can integrate in the project (it does not have to be perfect yet, it is just for a prototype).

My question is: how do I select and off the shelf transformer (from mouser, digikey or else) to meet the design requirement (again nothing as to be perfect) because I do not want to other custom design transformer for something that will likely change in a couple of weeks (and I do not know one thing about winding one).

Here are the parameters from TI calculation tool:

Transformer repart part 1

Transformer report part 2

Menu to select an alternate transformer parameters

PS: I want to precise thatI tried several time to do it by myself, but I think that I do not understand the system weel enough to make a proper selection. For example, I do not know how the inductance affect the output voltage and current.

  • \$\begingroup\$ You are extremely unlikely to find an off-the-shelf transformer for a high-frequency SMPS from online shops. Most of what they sell are "iron" (i.e. line-frequency) transformers which will not operate well at tens or hundreds of kilohertz. For SMPS you really need ferrite. (Note that WebBENCH already suggested CUSTOM...) \$\endgroup\$ – Adam Lawrence 2 days ago

You have answered your own question. Find a Split Primary (no tap in the center) transformer with a turn ratio that your program spit out :)


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