What are the requirements when selecting a diode for baker clamp circuit?

1- for example, How the reverse leaking current of the diode affects the circuit? can a diode with relatively high reverse leaking current (e.g. in mA range) turn the transistor on spontaneously?

2- (in case of single schottky "baker clamp",) is there a scenario where lower Vf is not desirable? or we always want the diode Vf to be as low as possible?

enter image description here

enter image description here

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    \$\begingroup\$ As you have probably found, you can't select these characteristics completely independently. A diode of a given type (eg. Schottky) with relatively low Vf will typically have relatively high leakage (especially at high temperature). \$\endgroup\$ – Spehro Pefhany Jan 2 at 19:27

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