I am new to PLC technology and I am doing the following step, listed below:

  • Connect from PLC to retrieve data through Ethernet using Modbus TCP/IP.

I found that PLC didn't have its IP address listed on it (do PLCs usually have their IP address on it?) but I do have a MAC address: xxxxxx. Then I read some documentation:

The default IP address is based on the device’s MAC address. The first two bytes are 10 and 10. The last two bytes are the last two bytes of the device’s MAC address.

The default subnet mask is

NOTE: A MAC address is always written in hexadecimal format, and an IP address in decimal format. You must convert the MAC address to decimal format.

Example: If the MAC address is xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx, the default IP address is,

So I tried to convert the last two MAC address. Here I got, and when I try to ping it it doesn't work.

Any suggestion would be nice, thank you.


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Your MAC (note capitals) address to IP (note capitals) address conversion is correct.

Check your IP configuration settings:

  • CMD window, ipconfig.

If you don't see an IP address starting with 10.x.x.x and subnet mask then that's at least part of your problem.

To ping the PLC do the following:

  • Set PC IP address to another address in the same subnet. Since the PLC's subnet is this can be any valid address in the 10.x.x.x range other than the PLC's. Try
  • Set the PC's subnet mask to
  • Gateway settings do not matter.
  • Connect the PC to the PLC. Check the Ethernet port LEDs light up.
  • ping

There is a small chance that you don't have automatic cross-over on your network interface card. In that case you have two options:

  1. Use a cross-over Ethernet patch cord.
  2. Use a router, set it's LAN IP address to, subnet to and plug both devices into LAN ports. Try to ping again.
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