I have run some verilog simulations in questa simulator and while viewing the waveforms i see that it would have been easier for me to debug the signals had there been some enums defined for them (To look at strings instead of bit streams).

Is there a way i can add enum definition for signals without re-running the sims say for example using some do file or using a feature in simulator (If there exists a generic solution)

  • \$\begingroup\$ I'm not familiar with Questa, but in Cadence SimVision you could use the expression calculator and a whole bunch of conditional expressions to convert to a string (not an enum). Does Questa have some kind of expression evaluator? \$\endgroup\$ – Reinstate Monica Jan 11 at 19:21

You want a user defined radix. For example

radix define States {
11'b00000000001 "IDLE",
11'b00000000010 "CTRL",
11'b00000000100 "WT_WD_1",
11'b00000001000 "WT_WD_2",
11'b00000010000 "WT_BLK_1",
11'b00000100000 "WT_BLK_2",
11'b00001000000 "WT_BLK_3",
11'b00010000000 "WT_BLK_4",
11'b00100000000 "WT_BLK_5",
11'b01000000000 "RD_WD_1",
11'b10000000000 "RD_WD_2",
11'bzzzzzzzzzzzz "UNCONNECTED",
11'bxxxxxxxxxxx "ERROR",
-default hex

And then you can apply the radix States to your signal for use in the waveform or any other place you might want to examine the signal.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks ! This is exactly what i wanted and it works! \$\endgroup\$ – ECEVLSI Jan 11 at 21:06

Search on "virtual signals" in the documentation. you can split/join signals into a bus and create names for the new bus. Then if you save the waveform, it will still be there when you load it next time.


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