I’m facing the following problem, which seems to be pretty easy to solve, but I’m not much experienced in this field and I’m not sure where to begin.

The problem is about an adaptive device for a handicapped person, to replace a regular sustain pedal in MIDI keyboard controller, with an EMG-controlled version. My idea is to use EMG to monitor belly muscle contraction. The "sustain pedal" is a simple on/off switch. So, it would work this way: Contracting a belly muscle would turn the switch off, and releasing would turn it back on - this is because in many cases when playing piano, sustain is on most of the time. It just requires quick periodic release (off state).

I found this website and ready product, but the price is crazy for something as simple - http://www.emgswitch.com/what-can-it-do/

I’m not asking for ready solutions, but I would appreciate some help to start and some directions. I also found MyoWare Muscle Sensor, but I’m not sure if and how I could use it to do what I would like to do.

Thanks for any help.


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