Using STM32l476 controller. Master is running at 30 MHz and slave is running 15 MHz.

  • In SPImaster, clock should be system clock/2.
  • In slave, clock should be system clock/4.


  • My understanding is slave need clock from master. Data shifting completely depends on masters clock. In that case why datasheet mentions slave clock selection condition?
  • Which is max clock speed I can choose in the above scenario?
  • What if Master clock is 32 MHz ?How to choose frequency? If you divide 15/4 = 3.75 MHz, with 30 MHz Master clock can be scaled down to 30/8 = 3.75 MHz


  • \$\begingroup\$ Maximum clock frequency is determined by wire length and EMC concerns and not so much by MCU clock capacity. \$\endgroup\$ – Lundin Jan 29 at 8:30

In SPImaster clock should be system clock/2 slave clock should be system clock/4

I didn't read the datasheet, but I'm pretty sure it says something like "... should NOT EXCEED system clock/..."

Question 2: Which is max clock speed I can choose in the above scenario?

With the requirement you mentioned, you would end up at max. 15/4 = 3.75 MHz.
But be aware that the max. clock speed also depends on your HW design (wire length, wire type, ...) and your environment (immunity to EMC, ...).


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