I want to use the bluradios BLE module. Here is what I am talking about,

Another link for the material available on the site.

Now, I would like to use AT command set to program the module. The site says that there are AT command sets available, but I do not see them on the site. I am a rookie, so I would prefer using the AT command set, can you tell me what all I need to buy to get this going? Last time I used rn-42 bluetooth module, and to program that, all I had to do was send AT commands over serial via arduino, Can I do the same with the blueradios module?


in [https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/RF/BlueRadios_ATMP_Commands_Rev_3.][1]

You might be refer the following sentences. First your arduino boards' UART TX/RX/GND pin to BlueRadio's RX/TX/GND connect. and you programming the arduino board uart to 9600 baud, 8bit,N (no parity)

It's HW setup. also, You can first setup your BlueRadio module with PC UART.


Embedded testing: For the DB9 (RS-232) connector, connect the TX(2), RX(3) and GND(5) to the embedded computer or micro controller. If you are not using hardware flow control, connect RTS(7) to CTS(8) on the DB-9 connector. When connecting the TX and RX from the DB9 connector, you cannot connect/short the CTS and RTS at terminal J4 these are two different circuits.


And in your arduino or in your PC Serial program,

    // and wait "OK" or "ERR"
    if (strstr(buf, "OK") )
         // ok factory reset

do like this way , you refer the following document's AT command lists.


I was able to find this.

Their website seems to imply that they want you to email them directly or join the forum to get this information.

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