I am trying to simulate a circuit including TSM500P02CX P-MOSFET. The manufacturer of the MOSFET doesn't provide SPICE Model, so I have decided to find the required parameters from the datasheet and specify them using .model statement.

I have tried the following SPICE directive.

.MODEL TSM500P02CX PMOS Kp=7 Vto=-0.8 Cgdmax=55p Cgs=795p

These were the only parameters that can be understood by LTSPICE simulator.

Looks like Cgdmax is not defined for PMOS or NMOS. They are defined for VDMOS only. I am unable to determine whether this MOSFET is VDMOS or not.

Please help and what other parameters that I can use from the datasheet which can also be understand by LTSPICE.


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