For my work I have to install a linear screw motor from the company Igus. enter image description here

It will be control with the constructor controller Dryve D1 (Dryve D1 Doc).

enter image description here

I understood how to connect the motor, the controller and the computer but they don't provide any power supply.

  • Have you ever used this king of motor?
  • Could you help me to find a power supply or a retailer?

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Here are the pin assignments for D1 connectors. X1 is the load connector: enter image description here

Further in the datasheet we can see that X1.1 is the positive motor supply voltage, 12-48VDC, X1.2 is 0V for logic and motor supply, and X1.3 is the positive logic supply.

enter image description here

Note that the dryve D1 is designed for DC voltages (p18)

So, to answer your question, you would need at least one DC power supply to power both motor and logic of the D1, but be careful not to exceed the maximum logic voltage.

The Nema-23 motor you mention has a nominal current of 4.2A, so this is a good baseline. Go with something higher than this so your power supply isn't at risk of cutting out at high current.

Here are some example AC/DC converters with 24VDC and >5A output currents, but you should check the AC voltage and frequency available to you.

I would personally run separate power supplies for motor and logic power, as it makes debugging and management easier in my opinion.


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