I use the J-Link programmer in Windows 8. A few days ago, my programmer hanged and the LEDs stayed silent, and I, with the help of the Internet, was again using the SAM-BA software to install the appropriate firmware for it. Because of the problem with running SAM-BA on my laptop, I had to install it on my co-worker laptop. This programmer works on my co-op laptop, but on my laptop, flash v4.7 detects it and runs the program on it, but it does not run after writing the code. shown below:

code runed in jflash but dont working

and with the click of the flash download, which puts the program on This is the message below:

Error: Flash Download failed  -  "Cortex-M3"

Error: Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M3"

The point here is that the program works on my co-worker's laptop, and with the same settings on my laptop I do the erase flash, but in the programming flash, it dosesn't work. shown below:

enter image description here I reinstalled Kell and j-Link software, but I did not.

my windows drivers are like this:

windows drivers

I wonder where the problem is? !!


I found the way to fix it do this steps:

1- uninstall windows jlink driver like this:

uninstall windows jlink driver

2- uninstall jlink segger software, like this:

uninstall jlink segger software

3-install another segger jlink software linke this version.

4- you could program your code by setting jflash setting like this:

jflash setting

and you could do it too with keil like this:


thank a lot.


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