as the Question says, I'm trying to run STemWin into STM32F4 Discovery board. It compiles well, but does not show anything. I think the LCD initializes, but after that, It does not work anymore. I'm using ATollic Truestudio and an Arduino LCD with an ILI9341 by SPI. The library I've used is: https://github.com/martnak/STM32-ILI9341

It works perfectly fine with this set up.

Since CubeMx does not support STemWin with this board, I build the project by myself. I think the problem is the LCDConf file.

I do not use RTOS and I don't get any error, the code get just stucked when I use "GUI_DispStringHCenterAt".

Can somebody help me?

I Attacht the code of the whole project https://1drv.ms/f/s!Arwn1F2Qb7hskJQhq7eYuwcBDz8F6Q


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